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The HOMEe11 incorporates a sophisticated energy management system and communications control allowing home-owners to monitor real-time performance of the system and also maintain a close control over electricity costs.
The HOMEe11 is a scalable system that can be increased by adding up to two 11 kWh modules to provide a total of 22 kWh.

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The AC-coupled configuration is ideal for retro-fitting to homes that already have an existing solar system in place (and in instances where a stand-alone battery storage system in required with no PV requirement).
Without a battery storage system – when the Grid goes down – the PV system is automatically shutdown and the home is without power. Adding a HOMEe11 means that critical parts of the home continue to have power when the Grid fails – and the PV can recharge the battery over time.

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The DC-coupled solution is designed for new installations of PV + storage together. Configuring PV together with a HOMEe11 at the outset does allow for system design efficiencies and cost savings.
Both systems can provide backup power in case of an emergency.



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